Soul Love

In the backseat of my mind

a golemn is standing behind

intertwining with the shoots

of a grapewine growing from the roots

But I feel good in my body

there is something more to this life


Every time you turn around, I see there is something in your eyes

over the Pale blue fields that light can be seen forever


In a sweet melody of a hummingbird

we call it soul love whistling and intertwining our roots


From Paddington station to chase a lucid dream

in a seamless life everything is in a constant change

Put your heart into things that you do

In a golden sunlight of Mallorca to sunbeams of Larnaka

I see the mauseleums of the past, I feel the mountains that last



She resides in arcane woods, where otherworldy beings stood

She is a fire in my heart, dancing to the midsummer call

Enchanted by the essence of Ambrosia

Aphrodite whispering loveĀ to the Ares listening to her call



Rising from the ashes like an ancient Phoenix

From the fire she was born to the birdsong

She flows as a riverĀ from the springs of life

On and on she goes following the faerie trail


Sing my sister your heart song

Until we all are spellbound

Night transforms into silent longing

For glitters in the sky to shine as stardust

Soul Love

It’s soul love
coming from my heart

In the backseat of my mind
there is something forgotten
it is luminous and kind
my lightbody, it is Merkaba

unraveling through eons of time

Soul love
coming through my heart

Always there for me to feel
it’s alright to heal all my wounds
realities reflecting eternity
on my soul’s journey to here and now

Sweet melody of a hummingbird
who whistles from heart to ear
a crescent moon hears us singing
about this beauty in love we believe in

Hello Sunshine

>This is my remake of Super Furry Animals song Hello Sunshine. Felt like my own interpretation was needed. Chords are: D G A Em and D7 A7 Em G6

Hello sunshine
coming to my life
it’s been a while
since honesty
between you and me

is real for a reason

Since you’ve been gone
I’ve been waiting until dawn
Smiling everytime you come around
Running to you a little bit naked

Daisies and dolphins across the sea
I walk around the Wonderland until
I come across

Hello Sunshine
coming to my life

Flowers of healing

To dance and sing
with pixies of deep
forest realms,
within dreams,
of ancient glory

These were the whispers
of the faerie folk

Those were the sounds
of the tree people

And she made these stories
a fresh again to whisper
words of joy and love
to every soul on this earth

Tracy in the Sky

Tracy in the sky
they see her smiling
she always listens
to the sound
of heartbeat

there’s a riddle
she needs an answer to
the essence of being
in a flow, all the time

she knows-
the melody
to your heart

which is here and now

listen carefully
and hear it all


When it rains
sun comes out

It is a miracle
when the shine
and shade

Come out together
and there is
a rainbow

For my broken heart
who sings

There is some love

Dan moi

All that there is in you
is beating in my heart
is the speed in my thought
is the feeling in my emotion

It is everything within you
and I am that in you

What is real for us is here
for ever and more in truth