Hello Sunshine

>This is my remake of Super Furry Animals song Hello Sunshine. Felt like my own interpretation was needed. Chords are: D G A Em and D7 A7 Em G6

Hello sunshine
coming to my life
it’s been a while
since honesty
between you and me

is real for a reason

Since you’ve been gone
I’ve been waiting until dawn
Smiling everytime you come around
Running to you a little bit naked

Daisies and dolphins across the sea
I walk around the Wonderland until
I come across

Hello Sunshine
coming to my life


Flowers of healing

To dance and sing
with pixies of deep
forest realms,
within dreams,
of ancient glory

These were the whispers
of the faerie folk

Those were the sounds
of the tree people

And she made these stories
a fresh again to whisper
words of joy and love
to every soul on this earth