Flowers of healing

Before you and everything
the truth is simple indeed
Where’s meaning dissolves
anything witty might be

in all of it’s possibilities
I promise my dear darling

in truth!


Earth Fairies

Five million rainy days
It is all I’ve ever had
They make me cry indeed
sometimes I smile within

For the balance inside me
is to create highest good
for all the living beings
to feel myself in a mood

Right to serve this earth!


Wind arises me
in the morning
When the sign
of sun longing

far away in mist
heavy mountains
covered in rain
jungle blossoms

Mayan dreamers
are here in me
guardians of
ancient alleys

Where world has to
meet it’s own end
and circle towards
a new era

Only two of us

Together only together
We dance and dance

When the sea’s hot
and there’s a tale
to be told
We have to stand
and hold

for the story to be told

In motion we can stand
or acknowlege the choice
nor complain however we can

If we could choose
and move forward
then the thanks to those
as we know the creator
and how this world is

Around us it revolves
Surrender is the magic


Star shaped trees
they are real indeed

Covered honeybushes
and starry landscapes

These are the shadows
that never were there

Star shaped trees
they are here indeed

Covered in cream
they are honeybushes
and starry spacescapes

Lands beyond imagination
red rocks big blocks
fiery in constant motion


Little sparks of infinite
have become more clear
Air has swell deep inside

All I have to do is to hear
the calling of here and now
Letting my body drift aflow

Celtic Connection

This experience of life
is the exprime state
of the being who I gave
this destiny, my fate

Here we stand between
endless conifer trees
Here where the bees
fairies, pixies see

The mystic’s dream
old state of bold
Over the men of north
where the sea is cold

On the isle of Avalon
my being has become
illumined to foresee
the destiny of all men

Over the highlands
my blood runs
within mystic bands
of fierce clans

Where the dream of bards
become tales of yesteryear
Knowledge hidden from fear
is awakened again to appear

in the lore of the ancient ones
in the lore of the ancient ones

How and Joy

My stomach glitters
in these butterflies
When did I bite
a lemon that flies?

Stirring tea and drinking
drinking many days
Fresh water from a sink
with those new waves

I find myself so amused
of this joy towards you

of life and everything
gling, gling – it’s here