Women’s day

A little sparkling seed was planted, and there was three of us. Like thirty three, but three of us. Woman was born out from unity, out of duality and from the creation itself. She gave birth to many different worlds, as sacred seeds of essence were planted in her – many different beings were born out of her.
Every one of them was unique, special and really ambitious to reflect that eternal love of great mother into beingness.

In this timeline, we have been planted on earth and here we stand, in all of our magnificent glory. Showcasing the brigthest talent of creation in this physical body – through many challenges, that universe has ever greated, and through eons of time we have been evolving into a more sophisticated form of consciousness in this material world.
Dwelling deeper and deeper into the physical reality. Learning new lessons, thousands of lessons how to love each-other better, and now we are here emerging into new aspects of light.

We are in everlasting creation, in this moment we are all that is. The great central sun is there behind a cloud to set us free from our karmic memory, and it is today. This day when sacred feminine hood is born again and our souls will be set free from our past deeds. The past reflections will disappear into the now, from there on we will reach far deeper aspects of awareness than we ever thought was possible.

Today is a day for unconditional love, a day for a new cycle to begin.


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