It is a way of giving without expecting anything in return. A way of heart, which gives you pleasure and makes your eternal eyes shine in excitement. Just, this motion inside a motion, a flow of life. It is bliss, it is inspiration, and called an alignment with your soul.

My heart says, that now is the moment to release all those little limitations and beliefs, which have been tangled on my twelve strands of being.

Let go and let flow, you know. There is no separation, and there is no work needed to be done in this life. Everything is already perfect, and when we realize it, then more and more people will awaken to limitless consciousness of ourselves.

As an reminder, the creator (El Criador) said to Moses, when asked who he was. I am that I am. Everyone is a creator in this universe, and remember your essence, that is who I am is that I am.

You are me and I am you, and together we are.




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