Fins and Estons

I love to imagine how I am here to connect Estonian and Finnish lineages back into one. Our traditions have parted from each-other through out the centuries and many teachings of our ancestors have been split into two – Finns being manifesters of presence here and now and Estonians representing the tender side filled with love and joy.

I believe it is time to combine those great Songs of the both sides, so an ancient teaching will merge again to give strenght and clarity to the Baltic Finnic nations, who once stood high in their glory. Their roots reaching deep down into the earth and at the same time, blessed by the heavens.

There is this place in Estonia, which is called Taevaskoja (Heaven’s keep). According to the legend: it was a place, where the gods passed down from the heaven and mortals became gods. There was no separation, there was only truth and unity between realms of existence.

I believe, it is time to bring back this ancient wisdom of my people. Finns and Estonians merging together, as they were in the beginning truthful brothers and sisters. We just have to connect the deep underlying roots of Finns and the heartful lightness of Estons.


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