Let me know you
before we meet
before we see
those eyes of
each other
sparkling like red
wine of ambrosa

Then we meet
and we see
each other
those loving
moments of caring
sparkling like soma
fresh a new



Dalias and daisies
reminders of names
given by thee to you

Reminding me of wind
blown so long time ago
and names of flowers

Beneath and inside thee
their hearts were free
to blossom in our tales

Astral journal

Little pieces of soul
claiming their essence
coming closer into being

In the song of creation
we are pure, as we had
sought for eternity..

Looked up into ocean
bliss was already made
There was nothing more

In the song of creation
we are pure, as we were
the lords of eternity..


Heart of light
always shines
behind and in inside

Flight of a rose
sings to your heart
from the leaf of a Lily

Sight of an angel
opening your heart
to let go from a riddle

of life, angel heart


So many mysteries
around benevolent
lighting chambers of
Northern starlight

We see them glowing
shining in sea shells
Like there was no end
to this world evolving

Align align, the spirit
Dear lord from the halls
of great men solemn pure
on the planes of Valar

New Zion

I look up into endlessness
there stares at me
Golden halo ray of light
from the temple of Solomon

I took the shooting stars from
here to celebrate
Held in memorium golden night
in the spheres of saints

There will be; and there shall arise
a new day; a new love; a stronghold
of blue liquid peace; ahom!

Blue Lacoon

Blue endlesnness
we call it vast
like the dreams
but this time real

Endless blueness
we make it last
like the story
of times so real

Where he was ruler
of infinite blue
A lord of waterfalls
ruler of deep halls

Neptune your triangle
and seashell melodies
Call of the ancients
aligned us into serene

light of the nightsky..


Look into the eyes
of your friends
send them love and desire
to cure the souls,
which walk in doubt

Indeed you are pure
forever true
made to align stars
on a distant shore
of a cosmic sea