As a Tristan’s servant

This service we offer,
for the others
it’s a laughter

No more snow
nor winter falls
let them grow

Said the crow
although he was
a happy crow
tanned and tall
and so on..

Crow is a crow
it has feathers
an indifferent lurker
of the deep nests

Whether he is a seeker
or a blunderer
a good night’s rest
is a guarantee..


March of the Om

Ascension is meant to be
true as the universe itself
Eternity lies in between
time-space and self indeed
Transition takes place,
it takes hold of a new miracle
Glittering skies turn pale

Truth or dare
stop and swing
to the music
much in our veins
hearts and in the palms
let them sing
the chant of the elders

Just pleasures
have been hidden
and ill-faded deeds
and treason has
made our souls
staring into vast emptiness
Let them play
and so a child is born
no one has to pay
when a child
has a word to say

Unleash the demons
and set yourself within Sun
let it guide you,
chant the almighty Om
to the lord, who you are
as everyone is a lord
of his own will

made for true heart

love shall arise, ahom!

Lawrence of Arabia

Ghost of a desert,
made him act
like a man-made-mad

In the desert,
there was a rose
and a cliché
which formed over
and chose again

Longing hours of a night
rays of light stepping inside
Black and white is the colour
of a photographers mind
In the desert, is it yellow?

Man asked a question
he wast drafted
to serve the glory

One nation under
the service of one
with no contradictions

This Fall

Some moments pass
and others last,
hear the trumpets
the sound of brass
Echoing forever, for ever?

Shadow falls gently
on the wall, my waterfall
Sense of healing or hearing,
let the unity raise its call
On this fall, but spring..

Shadow in the moonlight
it reflects the dark side
evolving truly in the cells
guidance of life, let them slide

Been there and done that
now here, in the outer sphere
number one is the number
a circle, a full degree
Secrets have been unleashed
and you are no beast anymore


Sweeping across the poles
little rays of sun
hit the boulevards
within rose alleys
On a balcony,
or in a cinema of vivre

Ancient gods
are still within
the inner spheres
of reality, which
never ceases to exist

Awaken my son
we are one
You are the sun
and I am here..

Play my son
we are one
You are the sun
and I am there..

In the fields of gold
She dances like
a stargrid,
she found herself
in nighttiming

Bugs and trees
cinnamon bees
set us free!


In the soul circles
Swamp hogs and foxes
In the soul miracles
Damp hogs and foxes

Lord, oh tell me
Who are you
Within or without me
Am I the creator?
Round your lips
or my lips

In the soul circles
Swamp hogs and foxes
Next time we’ll meet
I’m still young
and you are old

Dolphins in the Sea


Dolphins in the sea
They smile and laugh
and then they will turn
around and go away

Indeed into endless waves
telling tales of topographic
oceans and astral journeys
through space and time

Indeed you are pure
forever true
made to align stars
on a distant shore

Like lucid dreams floating in the sky
we can be sure, that you and I

will hold on to them, and fly
within the stars, within the stars

Like monkeys sitting
on the tree branches
they spit in your hat
and laugh a little bit

Still the dolphins
beneath the level of sea
they smile and breathe
and greet another day!

La Strada

Will you dream of anything
tonight, or a when a light
sings a song or a poem
your heart is a token

Your keep is a castle
inside the strawberry fields
in blue and red as a blueberry
Under a cover of a cherry tree

Old folk song, and strong
is a wind, in a riddle
She is safe from the darkness
Under the sphinx, like a pixie

Song of a swaying bird, clay castles
and flames in the Theater of Jubilee
Decorating a celebrative joy from
the inner world of amanita muscaria