Jesú and Zarathustra

A thunder in wells
Burning ceiling
and bard tellin’ a tale
Once upon a time
when crime was a bliss
and you could have more or less

There was a man   
Named Zoroastra      
He taught of good and evil
The right to choose a devil
Or a god, the creator
Enduring through wisdom
The only aggregator

Mankind was educated
Empire was created  
He knew he had done good,
but there were many who stood
against the righteous childish
everelasting playful nature

Evil came again
With all its glory
Babylon and gardens

Empire of Persia
Our friend, the empire
Greater than ever seen
In the land of miracles
Therefore always been

Then a little man
Told it again
To love and care
The children of Sun
But a billion can’t
go wrong and strum                     
a lie across the seas.


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