Shaman’s Ritual

The mystic wonders,
she’s under a charm
Lightning blunders
we are here, playing

Dance you cheeky girl
up and down, to the drum
Magical djembe and the sun
You’re one with the ecstasy

Humm the chant
a tribe ancient
in a trance, they dance
the drum’s plantation

Our friend Mescaline
how are you –
the spirits are you
in an union – true


Reincarnation, so enjoy yourself

Get blown away,
by the sun
you’re air and water
and everything

Get blown away,
by the cars
busy faces melting
just like stars

Sometimes you forget
how it was to smile
to all your friends
Give and keep telling

It’s a tale you’re
within everyday
playing with all
the others, unsure

Get blown away,
by the lives
which you resemble
you’re no symbol

Get blown away,
retreat deep
into your
imaginary ocean

Sometimes you can’t
find an answer
to your questions
and you fall into misery

It’s a tale you’re
obligated to enjoy
Before you’re on
a new journey

Reunion of Space and Love

All ,that seems to be real
Is more like a wanderlust
Endlessness is that you feel
Seed and soil, it’s something

Pale blue eyes,
they arise a desire
In my skin and bones
It’s my desire

More you come,
more I open up
The body and a mystery
It’s our history

In every man
and every woman
I hope you understand
how I wander around

It’s time to come
and never leave
There’s our home
where hope lies

They collide in mist
and I missed you
When I threw
myself through eons

Tell me (Blue Morning)

Clear your mind
and listen, a bird!
First waves of sun,
settling along.

Got to love
your friends,
clouds over-head
Got to have a love

Ray of light,
you believed it was
a night and a day
An anthema if it was

There’s a desert
on the road
and a highway boat
Girl it’s a present

Got to love
your energy
Doubts over-head
Got to have a love

Piano street,
a Steppenwolf
and a man who
needs your soul

You were born
in January,
doubting the existence
you’re the best thing

Got to love
your friends,
word in a doubt
coming from your mouth

Purple Galaxy (Helios)


It was born after our Helios
Little rocks glided over and over
It was a shower of yellow
Brittle haze showered and showered

The universe was That mellow,
your cat even knows to tell.
Long ago, when souls were one
and hell had no shelter.

Little acid rocks dropped some
All went purple, and they held
the prime foundations of Rome
Dancing sprinkles, truly melting

It all became one, as it was
Little purple solar dream
Milky Way and a milk way
these galaxies gleamed

In the age of gloom
no consent was set
The first eclipse roamed
and pet the birds of fire
sitting in their nests,
offering those blessings

To the Purple Galaxy

Yellow Fever

2012-11-27 14.31.09

In my home town

a little purple elephant

was found in a cage

Gathered a crowd

and Mr.Pink-Pants

was in a rage

Zoo workers came

and sealed the poor fellow

Now the elephants who are

purple have become yellow

Resembling color and a share

of dead hollow trees.

Jesú and Zarathustra

A thunder in wells
Burning ceiling
and bard tellin’ a tale
Once upon a time
when crime was a bliss
and you could have more or less

There was a man   
Named Zoroastra      
He taught of good and evil
The right to choose a devil
Or a god, the creator
Enduring through wisdom
The only aggregator

Mankind was educated
Empire was created  
He knew he had done good,
but there were many who stood
against the righteous childish
everelasting playful nature

Evil came again
With all its glory
Babylon and gardens

Empire of Persia
Our friend, the empire
Greater than ever seen
In the land of miracles
Therefore always been

Then a little man
Told it again
To love and care
The children of Sun
But a billion can’t
go wrong and strum                     
a lie across the seas.

The Sun, Air and Moon

I am the sun
Gazing on a blind man’s shoes
I am the wind
in me there is so much more

I am the heir
Always shall be
I am the wall
Around you

Let me, let me heal
As nature is healing
One’s here for me
so ham, so ham

I am a star
Far away from your soil

I am a day
Which never reaches too far

I am a joy
Beating in a child’s heart

I am one with the world
I am, I am, I am..

Too far


In a beat, unknown to conscious’-
far too conjuring flame
been burning on this plane
hallucinating into my sublima’

it’s dancing far too deep
a light burning, less than
half – it’s rare, a leap
into a light burning, -‘ness

Gentle light shining
out from your gentle heart
contemplating gentle parts
over a gentle history
gently out’o’ere livin’
merely – here.

Child of the nature

Oh nature’s child
I hope you are fine
There’s a mild storm
Your hair is sworn

Daughter of the sun
Maternal thirst
You were the first
Never became a nun

Red sprinkles
You ask for more
Looking for a shore
Led by a single

Child of the nature
Your aura is wild
Moving tiles up’n’down
Creator’s pretty child

Time is enough
and Rousseau is there
This place in here
Over time tomorrow